There are now daily flights to Kerinci from the city of Jambi! You can read more about them here.

Many travelers to Kerinci come overland, via the city of Padang in West Sumatra. Expect the drive to take around eight hours, although it can vary by an hour or two depending on the road conditions and the driver, and if you are taking public or private transport. Padang has direct flights to/from the hubs of Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Medan, and Batam. Padang is also about a two hour drive from the town of Bukittinggi. Although if you are in Bukittinggi, it’s possible to drive directly to Kerinci, roughly a nine hour drive.

The city of Jambi is also a possible launching point. Overland, the drive takes about 9 hours (plus one or two), and the road is less winding than the road from Padang, so a bit more comfortable. Wings Air now has daily flights directly to Kerinci from Jambi.

If you’re exploring the northern part of Kerinci, it’s best to travel to the town of Kersik Tuo, nestled among the tea fields at the foot of Mt. Kerinci.

For the central and southern regions of Kerinci, you’ll want to base yourself in Sungaipenuh where all of the formal lodging is, or arrange for a very basic homestay in Lempur, an hour further south of Sungaipenuh.

Motorcycle on a Winding Road in Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia
We’re happy to help you arrange transport to Kerinci, in either a private car for just you and your travel mates, or a shared public vehicle. Keep in mind that public transport generally has twice-daily departure times of around 9am and around 7pm, although actual times are generally up to an hour or more later as the vehicles drive around the city picking other passengers up. Private transport can be arranged to depart whenever you like.

You can read more about transport to/from Kerinci, and what travel looks like within the valley